Single by Douglas Avery

Blind Raccoon and Nola Blue Collection Volume 6 will be released on February 16, 2024 - Featuring the single SURVIVAL by Douglas Avery. Available February 16 on Apple Music, iTunes Store, and Bandcamp.


Douglas Avery with Robbie Kieger playing Road House Blues at the Write Off Room for charity event.

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Jazz 'n' More Switzerland Review 

Why do you always document the blues with a camera? That's what Douglas Avery, a well-known fashion, sports and music photographer from Los Angeles, asked himself. Douglas once learned to play the trumpet, was converted to the flute by Ian Anderson, sang in high school bands, developed an affinity for the blues harp, and jammed regularly on the Southern California scene. Now this is Avery's debut album - and I like it. Because first of all there is Avery himself, who sings his lyrics with laconic, tongue-in-cheek equanimity and blows a soulful, never exuberant harmonica. On the other hand, he is accompanied by a squad of seasoned LA blues veterans, above all Franck Goldwasser and Carl Sonny Leland, who know how to spread a wonderfully grooving front porch mood. play tips? "Jelly, Jelly" - an acoustic delta blues with beautiful slide guitar, the solo number "Leaving Trunk", and on the other end of the spectrum the soulful, blown-out "How Long Can This Last?"

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